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Pouring Resin Gift Set

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Everything you need to create custom art!

Fusion Pouring Resin Set makes a unique gift!

In this Pouring Resin Kit:

  • Pouring Resin 500ml
  • Cell Enhancer 60ml
  • 3 Fusion testers ( colours chosen at random )
  • 1 Fusion Metallic tester ( metallic chosen at random )

An easy way to create unique and beautiful home decor items. With this simple technique, you can transform everyday objects into one-of-a-kind pieces that your loved ones will cherish for years to come. To get started, all you need is Fusion Pouring resin, some Fusion colours, and some imagination!

Paint pours are hugely popular right now and for good reason! They are easy to do, and the results are always beautiful and unique.

Fusion Pouring Resin dries quickly, with a built-in topcoat that has a gloss sheen and doesn't require any mixing or measuring.

Simply pour the resin into a cup or container, add a very small amount of colour then tip it onto your surface. Tilt and swirl the resin until you're happy with the results, then leave it to dry overnight.

    There are endless possibilities when it comes to paint pouring, so get creative! You can use all one colour, or create a gradient effect by using two or more colours. Try it with our metallics! or add in other elements such as glitter, confetti, or even real flowers! The sky is the limit. 

    This kit can be used on Canvas, Tiles, coasters or even furniture!

    Grab a branded gift box to make it extra special

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